Chased On Vacation and told of Unsolved Murders in del rio, Texas – A True Story

Don’t Think It Can’t Happen To You!

I just read a hub that brought back memories of being chased, memories of bad lands and worse people.
On a Two Week Vacation

Mom and Dad both had a two week vacation and, when they picked-up me and my brothers from our grandparents. We were going to drive (Dad was going to drive) across the country and he had a list of places to see, before we went to live with them in South Bend, Indiana.

Dad drove straight south to Mobile, Alabama, where we went swimming in the gulf. There were all kinds of shells and creatures in the water. My brothers and I wanted to take some home with us, so, mom got a gallon glass jar for us and we caught some creatures and what looked like a snail shell, and filled the jar with water from the gulf. Within half an hour, a creature came out of the snail shell and filled the jug smothering everything else. Dad stopped for us to dump the dead creatures, then on the way again.

We headed west from Mobile, Alabama, stopping to eat and stretch in or near New Orleans, Louisiana, than another couple of hours we arrived at a beautiful lake with a sandy beach, we were at Lake Charles, Louisiana.
Lake Charles Louisiana

It was so hot and humid and, the car did not have air conditioning and was running hot. Dad let us go swimming in the crystal clear lake while the car cooled off; I had never seen anything like it. You could see the bottom even in four foot of water.

In the town of Lake Charles, dad had the car check for a hose leak and we went inside the restaurant attached to the Garage. My brothers finished before anyone else and wanted to go outside and play.

The car radiator hose was replaced and we got into the car, Mom did not seem to notice that my brothers had a shoe box placed between them on the seat, and they were both unusually quiet.
Chirp, chirp

We had not gone but a few miles, when we heard the chirp, chirp. Mom said “ok boys! What have you got in the box?” Darrell said “But Mom, the man said we could have all we wanted.”

Mom yelled, WHAT HAVE YOU GOT IN THE BOX? Darrell reluctantly opened the box and crickets went everywhere. We stopped the car and had to take everything out to get the crickets out.

I don’t know how much longer it took to get to Houston, Texas but Mom and Dad were exhausted and we had only been on the road for one whole day.
Lost in Houston

Dad found a motel and after a good night’s sleep, we got up early the next morning and the boys wanted to go outside and play.

We saw a huge bug on the sidewalk, bigger than any I had ever seen. My brothers began following it down/up the street, I ran inside to tell mom that they were chasing a bug, by the time Mom got outside my brothers were out of sight.

Dad drove around the block and we did not see them, Mom called the police from the motel. A police car came out to look for them. Dad, Mom and me went around the block again and Dad pulled up to the curb with a hedged between the sidewalk and an alley, we heard Tony crying in the alley and Darrel who was only a year older say to him, “don’t try lidda brudder, I’ll tate tear of you.” Mom, lost it, and she cried, and cried.

Dad got out of the car walked up to the hedge telling them to stay where they were and we went around and picked them up. They stayed close to Mom, Dad and me from then on.
Remember the Alamo

After Mom called the police to tell them we found my brothers, we headed west to San Antonio. Dad wanted us to visit the Alamo.
The Alamo

Jul 6, 2009 – Uploaded by James BoddieModel based largely on the plans in Mark Lemon, The Illustrated Alamo 1836: A Photographic Journey, State House Press.

Music by Maya Filipic – Between two Worlds, Stories from Emona I and II. Powered by JAMENDO.

Our visit to the Alamo was impressive, I think Dad read a lot about the Alamo and wanted to see it for a long time, he kept pointing out points of interest but he also wanted someone to share it with, and now he had a family. (Years later, I often heard Mom say that Dad married her so he could have the three of us for his children.)

We arrived in Del Rio one early afternoon, in the 1955 Plymouth Belvedere was overheating again. Dad found a garage with a restaurant attached. He took the car into the garage, Mom and we kids went to get something to eat and drink.
Needing Car Repairs

The car repair was minor.It seemed the other garage did not have the hose clamp on tight enough.

Dad had joined us in the restaurant, and the mechanic parked the car in front where we could see it, then brought the keys and handed them to Dad and struck up a conversation.

As they were talking two cars pulled up and parked next to our car.It made us very uncomfortable when the six young men were looking inside our car as they passed by and came into the restaurant.

Dad was telling the mechanic we were headed to Carlsbad, New Mexico and asked if he knew of any place where we could spend the night between the two places.The mechanic, advised Dad because it was near dusk, to stay in Del Rio till morning, because, but stopped talking when three of the young men walked up within hearing distance, the mechanic changed the subject.

The three men ordered sandwiches to go and left in one of the cars and the other three ordered the same thing but sat down at a table near the door.

Dad paid the check and we left.Mom felt better that three of the men left and the other three were still inside, as we pulled onto the highway.

How to Choose a Hotel

Top Criteria in Choosing a Hotel

Check the stars. Most of us look at the stars when we choose a hotel. And now some of the top-enders have gone to diamonds to rate their properties. An escalation of exaggeration that only brings hysterics. What about those one of a kind boutique hotels where one gets the feel of being transported into another era? Or another home.

Choosing a hotel often takes time. At least for me. I have to read the reviews and glean what’s manufactured or paid for from the many pages of those top rankers in Trip Advisor, Agoda or Orbitz. In the places popular to tourists, the choices are many. But the places are also taken almost immediately making your heart beat faster as you see on the screen that someone is viewing exactly the same one you are interested in. And how many rooms are still open at those bargain prices? Relax, there are always alternatives.

We had our Christmas holidays in the Western Cape of South Africa and we booked ourselves into 4 hotels: one in the vineyard, another one in the trendy place of town, another in a private reserve park and for Christmas, one full of history. It made our travel experience much more interesting.
1. When choosing your hotel, go for location

Like buying a house, go for location. It’s often better to stay at the center of town where restaurants and shops abound. It makes it easy, each day, to get transport or walk to the action and this is especially for shopaholics, drop off purchases or broken shoes in your room. You save time and money as you can just walk or take a short ride to the hotel from wherever you are. If you are a s…mature traveler, you can take rest breaks in your room before savaging the next shop, cathedral or bar. Sometimes, even a difference of $50 will be worth spending given some of the wild taxi costs and fees that hit you to go to museums or restaurants.

Well, of course, where you can have a panoramic view of the mountains if that is your destination. Or, be at the waterfront in the lake or the beach if you are on the ocean. Or, right in the hotel where the conference you are attending happens to be.
Luxury Hotels Europe
Luxury Hotels Europe
Buy Now

Take a look at these choice hotels

Hotels enhance your experience and if you choose to travel during the non-peak season, you can really avail of luxury hotels without paying top prices. Hotels in Europe can be very expensive especially during the peak season so plan your trip on non-peak times and pay less for luxury.

Top 5 Best Hotels In Myrtle Beach

What Are The Best Hotels in Myrtle Beach?

A few of the best Myrtle Beach hotels are: Hampton Inn & Suites Myrtle Beach Oceanfront Resort; Marriott’s OceanWatch Villas at Grande Dunes; Marina Inn at Grande Dunes; Coral Beach Resort & Suites; and Springmaid Beach Resort. These are some of the top rated and most popular hotels in Myrtle Beach. These top choice hotels are a great place to stay and enjoy the Myrtle Beach weather. The weather in Myrtle Beach is beautiful most of the year. The above mentioned hotels are great and down below you will learn about the benefits of each hotel. There are many things for you to do in Myrtle Beach and many things for the family to do to. First thing to do is find a great hotel that is around all of the activities and restaurants! Most of these Myrtle Beach hotels are cheap hotels too!

I have traveled to many beach destinations around the world and have a great deal of knowledge when it comes to beach resorts. I have also traveled to many beaches all around America and grew up just a few minutes away from the beach. Beaches and beach resorts are passions of mine and I love to write about them.

Here are a few facts about Myrtle Beach:

The Kings highway was an Indian trail long before European settlers came
Myrtle Beach’s 1st hotel was Seaside Inn, it was built in 1901 and it cost $3,813 for the materials and the labor
Harrelson Blvd. is named after the first Mayor of Myrtle beach who served from 1938-1939 and 1942-1943
The runway at Myrtle Beach Airport is 9,503 feet long
There 295.79 miles of streets in the Myrtle Beach city limits
The first road between Myrtle Beach and Conway was completed in 1914

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Hampton Inn & Suites Oceanfront Resort Photos
Hampton Inn & Suites Myrtle Beach Oceanfront Resort Pool
Hampton Inn & Suites Myrtle Beach Oceanfront Resort Pool
Hampton Inn & Suites Myrtle Beach Oceanfront Resort Guest Room
Hampton Inn & Suites Myrtle Beach Oceanfront Resort Guest Room
Is Hampton Inn & Suites Myrtle Beach Oceanfront Resort a good place to stay?

Yes, Hampton Inn & Suites Myrtle Beach Oceanfront Resort is one of the best hotels in Myrtle Beach. It is ranked #1 on TripAdvisor overall and #1 for family resorts in Myrtle Beach and #1 on the beach hotels in Myrtle Beach. TripAdvisor doesn’t give you all of the info on the hotel, so I will give you some here.

Some of the hotel amenities are:

complimentary transfer to and from the Myrtle Beach Airport;
4 indoor pools and 3 outdoor pools(seasonally heated);
2 Lazy rivers(seasonally heated)
Easy beach access
Beachfront playground
Fitness Center overlooking the ocean
Free Wi-Fi
Business center with three computers, printer, scanner, fax
Free Myrtle Beach Newspaper
Complimentary hot breakfast every morning
Free parking
Monthly Myrtle Beach rentals during the winter months

There are 227 rooms available with 7 different types of guestrooms and 5 different suites to choose from. All of the guest rooms include these amenities:

Private Balcony with rocking chairs
Hampton Cloud9 Bed
Full Desk with charging stations
Hair dryer
In-room safe
Coin-Operated Guest Laundry Available
Iron/Ironing Board
Off Site Dry Cleaning Services Available

Some of the suite amenities include in addition to the above mentioned amenities:

Spectacular Ocean Vistas
Spacious Living Areas
Sofa Beds
Full Refrigerator and Freezer
Spacious Living Areas

Hampton Inn & Suites Myrtle Beach Oceanfront Resort also has many resort activities to do. One of the things to do for kids is called The Grouper Gang. It’s designed for kids from age 4-13 years old. It’s a free summer program that includes movie nights, beach activities, pizza parties and more. It also hosts parents night out, a special G-rated movie night with pizza, kids karaoke and Wii. After every even you get a free Grouper Gang T-shirt. They also do events and outings like going to the Zoo, playing miniature Golf, roller skating, crafts and aquarium.

They also have a playground, seven pools, 2 Jacuzzis, 2 lazy rivers, magical mushroom waterfalls and a fitness center. There are so many things to do in this resort and many things to do in Myrtle Beach as well. This hotel is also great because it is right on the beach so you can see the Myrtle Beach Pelicans or go to the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk. The lowest summer price I found for this hotel on their website was $129/night.

What are No Frills Hotels


On the journey to establishing what ‘no frills’ hotels are you first must determine what ‘no frills’ means. The term ‘no frills’ is typically utilized to indicate a service or product that does not display the normal features, amenities or extras. The term ‘no frills’ does not mean poor quality when it comes to service or product. It simply means that you are getting the basic essentials at an affordable price. This idea of ‘no frills’ hotels has really caught on around the world.

It began in Europe and Australia long before taking hold in the United States. The concept of businesses eliminating luxuries to offer lower prices has really caught hold in the midst of the global economy down turn of the past few years. Although there will always be a need for 5 star luxury hotels the desire for ‘no frills’ hotels will be just as demanding. Lets examine some of the more popular ‘no frills’ hotels in the world.
Some No Frills Hotels in the World

Yotel In Amsterdam

Yotel recently opened a ‘no frills’ hotel in Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport. British operated Yotel has been opening these hotels around the world. The best way to describe the rooms in a Yotel is to think of it as a train cabin in the space age. These rooms are small. You have some space to get around and the rooms are still considered premium. The beds are comfortable and slide into the full size position. All rooms come with a bathroom and a tiny desk. The rooms also have plenty of electrical outlets and free Internet access.

The Schiphol, Yotel is located airside and can only be reached by air passengers that are passing through. This allows these passengers to gain a little privacy, shower, get some rest or even get some work done without even departing the airport. These rooms can be rented by the night or in 4- hour time frames. The concept is catching on and Yotel is considering future sites in Frankfurt and Hong Kong. The rooms are not meant for extreme amenities but to deliver the basic space you need to rest and move on down the line.

Hotel Website: Yotel Schiphol Airport
Vetrekpassage 118
1118 AS Schiphol, Netherlands
+31 20 7085372

EASY Hotel In London

The same concept applies to the EASY Hotel chain that is used with Yotel. These are ‘no frill’ hotels. These hotels were designed with the notion that most consumers would rather endure smaller rooms for a cost friendly price. The rooms are about 65-75 square feet. They are small so if you have any problem with claustrophobia you may want to ensure that you get a room with a window. This EASY Hotel in South Kensington offers double beds with tiny bathrooms and showers. There are flat screen TV’s in every room. The common joke about these types of hotel rooms are that they come in small, very small and tiny. Although these hotels do have a staff member on site at all times there are no extra services. There is no lobby to speak of. These rooms are for sleeping and showering at an affordable price. To reserve an EASY Hotel room you have to do it online with a credit card. There are no phones in services available.

Hotel Website:

Hotel 81 Princess

The Hotel81 (Princess) is a no frills hotel located in Singapore. The hotel boasts a convenient location with modern amenities in every guestroom and superb service. Modern comfort and convenience are seamlessly combined to ensure the guests’ satisfaction.

Hotel Website: Hotel 81 Princess
21 Lorong 12 Geylang Singapore 399001
CALL: (65) 6842 8181
FAX: (65) 6842 4515

Do you have more to suggest? Why not comment here or drop me a message.


Hotels that offer ‘no frills’ like Yotel, EASY Hotel and Hotel 81 are springing up everywhere. They are the wave of the future. Space will continue to be an issue in the future and basic needs will override the need for luxury. The next time you travel try one of these ‘no frills’ hotels out and experience the craze yourself. It is just what the doctor ordered if you want to save money and live with the basic essentials.

How do you find these no frills hotels, just try travel search engines like and you will be able to get a variety of hotel deals ranging from no frills to luxury.

Finding The Perfect Cape Cod Hotel

When you visit Cape Cod, there is certainly no shortage of hotels to choose from. Whether you are traveling alone, with a partner, with family, or as part of a large group, you will have more options than you know what to do with. Luckily, all this variety means that finding and making the right Cape Cod hotel reservations for your visit is something you don’t have to worry about.

All-Inclusive Resorts

If having a lot of amenities included in your stay is important to you, there are a lot of options on the Cape. Whether you want to stay in a modest motel with one pool or are looking for multiple pools, a spa, and some tennis courts, Cape Cod can deliver. For those who favor resort-style lodging, you may want to consider the following hotels:

• Four Points by Sheraton Eastham Cape Cod
• The Mansion at Ocean Edge Resort and Golf Club
• Riviera Beach Resort
• Wequassett Resort & Golf Club
• Red Jacket Beach Resort & Otis Cole Spa

Breathtaking Bed and Breakfasts

While staying at a resort is always fun, it isn’t for everyone. If you’re the type of person who prefers a quiet, more intimate experience, you may want to consider staying at an inn or bed and breakfast. These lodgings are for people who still want a luxurious experience but place value on tranquility, beautiful furnishings, inspiring grounds, and great food. These exquisite accommodations are also excellent choices for people who are looking for a romantic getaway with their significant other:

• The Palmer House Inn
• Skyfield by the Sea Bed & Breakfast (working miniature horse farm)
• The King’s Inne Bed & Breakfast
• Crowne Pointe Historic Inn & Spa
• The Mooring

Large Group Accommodations

If you happen to be traveling with a large family or group, finding affordable accommodations can be a nightmare. Add dining expenses to housing expenses, and you’re probably looking at thousands of dollars. Luckily, there is a solution in the form of cottages that sleep large numbers of people and come with a kitchen. While these hotels tend to be a little more expensive than single rooms, they actually end up saving groups a lot of money. Here are some of the best around:

• Oceanfront Holiday Shores
• Cape Cod Holiday Estates
• Riviera Beach Resort
• Ocean Vista on the Beach
• Even’Tide Resort Motel & Cottages

For the Low-Maintenance Adventurers

For people who view lodging as nothing more than a place to sleep or a base for adventures, consider staying in one of the many budget-friendly motels that dot the Cape. At these establishments, you will find clean rooms, great service, and maybe even a free continental breakfast. A place to sleep without all the fuss of high-end accommodations can be a haven for the hard-core adventurer! Who needs a pool when the ocean is five minutes away!? Here are a few simple, comfortable accommodations:

• Wellfleet Motel & Lodge
• Nantucket Inn
• Olde Tavern Motel & Inn
• Captain’s Quarters Motel & Conference Center
• Hi-Seas “By the Beach”

Wonderful Wedding Accommodations

Besides being a great place to find lodgings for a couple or a family, Cape Cod prides itself on its ability to cater to large groups like conferences and weddings. If you’re considering tying the knot on Cape Cod, you have your pick of amazing vendors, accommodations, and reception centers. To make things really easy, there are some hotels which offer complete wedding packages. These packages usually include a reception venue, a ceremony venue, lodging for guests, and catering. A few hotels that offer wedding packages include the following:

• Red Jacket Beach Resort & Otis Cole Spa
• Dan’l Webster Inn & Spa
• The Villages at Ocean Edge Resort& Golf Club
• Cape Codder Resort & Spa
• Sea Crest Beach Hotel

With this cheat sheet in hand, you should be ready to start making Cape Cod hotel reservations today!

Jaipur Hotels – Range Of Services At Affordable Rates

The capital city of the state of Rajasthan, Jaipur is one of the popular tourist destinations in the country. It is popularly known as the Pink City and is known for its rich tradition, culture and historical significance. The popularity of Jaipur as a renowned tourist destination has led to the greater inflow of travelers in the city. This has led to the rise in the number of Jaipur hotels.

Jaipur is also well connected by air, rail and road network which has made it easily accessible. There is a wide variety of hotels in Jaipur which range from 5 stars, luxury and heritage hotels to budget and economy ones. Travelers can choose their ideal hotel according to their tastes and preferences and budget requirements. The hotels in Jaipur offer a wide range of facilities and services matched with warm hospitality and make the journey of the tourists a charming and an unforgettable experience.

Luxury and heritage hotels in Jaipur

There are plenty of 5 star, luxury and heritage hotels in Jaipur. They offer high class lodging facilities with blend of luxury and comfort. Guests who stay at these hotels can enjoy a host of state-of-the-art facilities and services. Well known hotel chains have their branches in the city. By booking a room at these hotels you can get a feel of optimum level of luxury and comfort. Apart from the lavish room facilities, pleasant dining facilities and well developed business facilities, you can also avail of recreational facilities, valet service, beauty parlor, florist, concierge and lots more. The heritage hotels also offer you the scope to stay in luxury amidst a traditional ambience. Some popular heritage hotels are Hotel Samode Palace, Hotel Narain Niwas Palace, Hotel Ramgarh Lodge and Hotel Bissau Palace.

4 star and 3 star hotels in Jaipur

Travelers who wish to have a charming and comfortable experience of Jaipur can bank on the services of the 4 star and 3 star hotels in Jaipur. These hotels offer pleasant lodging facilities at reasonable rates. Travelers can enjoy a wide range of facilities and services in these hotels. Some of the well known 4 Star and 3 star hotels in Jaipur are Hotel Meru Palace, Jaipur Ashok Hotel, Royal Orchid Central, Hotel Holiday Inn, Hotel Hawa Mahal, Hotel Maurya Palace, Mansingh Towers and so on.

Economy and Budget Hotels in Jaipur

Apart from these, there are also plenty of budget and economical hotels which are perfectly suitable for travelers who wish to have a charming experience of the city without spending huge sums of money from their pocket. These hotels offer a range of facilities and services at affordable rates. Some well known budget and economical hotels are Hotel Arya Niwas, Hotel Empire Regency, Hotel Garden View, Hotel Kohinoor, The Golden Palace Resort and lots more.

Florida Keys Lodging: Choose Among The Finest Beaches And Hotels

Surrounded by two bodies of water, the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the Gulf of Mexico on the other, the amazing 1700 islands that make up the Florida Keys stretch across over 127 miles of the most breathtaking scenery. The overseas highways connecting the islands that one must navigate make even the passage into the islands an adventure in and of itself.
In order to make your vacation a joy for you and your family; get a a Florida Keys lodging. If you cannot stay out of the water for long and are an energetic person who loves the sand and beach combination, then the Keys are for you. Choosing a Florida Keys lodging gives you access to countless entertaining water sports, while at the same time offering a relaxing place to enjoy your stay.
Your vacation spots are unlimited, because as you might imagine, the beaches are as plentiful as the islands. A few of the more notable destinations are Big Pine Key, Duck Key, Islamorada Key Colony Beach, Little Torch Key, Summerland Key, Cudjoe Key, Key West, Sugarloaf Key, etc; Great food, beautiful weather, friendly service, as well as excellent lodging are a few of the amenities offered.
The hotels Florida Keys provide excellent accommodations, which is one of the main bonuses that come along with this place. No matter what your taste or how much money you have, you will find something that fits. If you want high-society, then stay in one of the luxurious villas that offer every modern amenity. For families, there are also “home-type” cottages or cabins that are comfortable and make for a time to remember. Also available is a houseboat, which is like something you have never experienced before.
Some Key West hotels offer a novel way of renting a property, also known as timesharing. This is an exceptionally convenient way to book the best of best lodgings at great prices. Timeshares are a great way to spend a vacation off from work, as they afford lots of privacy and a great escape from stress. The best Florida Keys lodging are found in the sports fishing capital of the world, Caloosa Cove in Islamorada.
In addition to the excellent accommodation offered by the Florida Keys lodging, you will find exceptional entertainment through year-round water sports such as scuba diving, snorkeling, water skiing, sailing, and swimming offered for both children and adults alike. If you want to have lots of fun, lots of activity, and not one dull moment, then this is the best place in the world for you and your family.

Finding the Best Deals on Hotel Lodging

There is no doubt that hotel costs are among the biggest part of any vacation budget, and the failure to find affordable lodging has harpooned many an otherwise well planned vacation. One of the keys to enjoying a great vacation without breaking the bank is striking the best possible deal on the roof over your head.

Fortunately, the internet has made the process of finding a great hotel deal much easier. There are some great hotel, motel, and bed and breakfast deals out there, and the internet has made them easier to find than ever.

Booking ahead is essential, as is shopping around. You simply cannot expect to simply show up at a hotel and get a good rate. Most hotel chains reserve their best room rates, and they limit their numbers. Once those low cost rooms are booked, they are simply no longer available.

It is also important to book ahead because it can be difficult to gauge the demand for lording in a particular area, even if you are familiar with your destination. Special events of which you are unaware could cause a spike in hotel demand, and hotel prices, and leave you either paying an arm and a leg for a place to sleep, or, worse yet, find yourself without a place to stay at all.

It is also important to take advantage of all discounts to which you may be entitled, and not be shy about asking for discounts. Many hotel chains and independent hotels offer discounts to those in the military, senior citizens, and members of travel clubs like AAA. If you think you are entitled to a discount, be sure to ask, and be sure to verify that the discount has been applied when you arrive.

In addition, many hotel chains offer programs that are similar to airline frequent flier programs. These programs reward loyal guests with free nights and other rewards. It is important to sign up for these programs whenever you can. Most of these programs are free, so signing up will cost you nothing, and you could end up with a free hotel stay.

When looking for those great hotel deals, a number of web sites compare hotels by price, star level, and even proximity to certain tourist attractions. It is always best to search several of these sites, since not all hotel chains participate in every comparison site.

There is no doubt that finding a great hotel rate will take some time and some hard work, but it is very important to keeping your travel budget under control. The cost of lodging often represents at least half, and often much more, of the total cost of a vacation. It is easy to see, then, how getting the best possible deal on your hotel can keep your cost level low and your vacation fun level high.

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Hotel Lodging and Accommodation

Finding a hotel in Taupo NZ is not a challenging task by any means as Lake Taupo is one of the premier spots in New Zealand for vacationers of all kinds. Why wouldn’t it be? A beautiful lake, surrounded by peaceful natural wonders such as mountains and stunning views of the countryside, which are sure to draw a crowd. This location has plenty of lodging and accommodation for those who seek it, and for those that dream of a luxurious, relaxing vacation why not consider a hotel?

When you choose to stay in a hotel in Taupo NZ, you are choosing to stay amongst some of the country’s quality scenic accommodations. Lake Taupo is home to many bed and breakfast accommodations, luxury resorts and even private holiday houses that you can rent by the week for your family holiday or romantic getaway. However, the purpose of staying in a hotel is to enjoy luxurious suites, room service and all round quality service, whilst enjoying the natural beauty that surrounds you. With various price ranges and facilities, there is a hotel for anyone who seeks one in Taupo, from high-class to high-quality affordable lodging.

You will need to consider your budget. Once you have seen the different pricing which Taupo hotels charge, you can then go on to determine which ones are within your means and expectations. Of course you should also consider other things, such as the amenities that each accommodation offers, as well as the location and proximity to the lake and town itself – the views are often what people pay extra for in this region.

If you book accommodation at a hotel in Taupo NZ that doesn’t have stunning views or is close to the lake and town, then you are really missing out. Families will be more likely to enjoy holiday houses or family oriented resorts while couples and singles will likely enjoy the luxurious accommodations that can offer relaxation and a place to unwind. Wherever you decide to stay, make sure that you choose the hotel accommodation in Taupo that best suits your needs and desires, because that is truly what matters in the end.

Alpine Lake Motor Lodge is the outstanding result of a successful development project between Penny Homes the leading Taupo builder and Toni Walkley & her husband. With the motel now established and operational to their high standard, Toni & her husband have semi retired and have become the relief managers every 6 weeks, whilst their daughter and son in law have returned from Australia to take over the management. Both have extensive hotel operation experience having worked for the Sheraton Hotel chain in Australia before opening their own Fitness Centre in Darwin so are ideal hospitality managers in Taupo with its many sporting and outdoor activities.

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Kerala Hotels- Offering The Right Lodging Solutions

Make a trip to Kerala, popularly known as �the God’s Own Country�. Experience beauty, charm and rich tradition by visiting various tourist destinations in the state. Being a popular tourist destination, there are lots of Kerala hotels. They are of various categories to suit your needs and preferences.

Select your ideal lodging destination from wide categories of hotels in Kerala and enjoy a pleasant stay filled with unqualified comfort and style. There is a wide range of hotels, resorts, lodges and accommodation centers in various parts of the state for you to choose from. There are 5 star hotels, middle range hotels as well as cheap and budget hotels. Most hotels are located in cities and popular tourist destinations such as Trivandrum, Kochi, Munnar, Kozhikode and other places.

If you wish to enjoy the epitome of luxury filled with comfort and utmost hospitality, stay at any of the luxury or 5 star Kerala hotels. These hotels provide you with well-appointed facilities and services to make your stay lavish with a glamorous touch. Most of these hotels are ideal for high end tourists, celebrities, business and corporate executives. Renowned hotel chains have set up their luxury hotels in various cities and tourist spots of Kerala. Some of the recognized deluxe and 5 star hotels are Hotel Taj Residency, The Trident Hilton, Club Mahindra Lakeview Resort, and Hotel Taj Malabar Cochin and lot others. Enjoy state-of-the-art facilities and services and experience the highest degree of luxury.

The middle range hotels in Kerala offer pleasant accommodation by offering up-to-date facilities and services. These hotels may not be as expensive as the 5 star hotels but they offer present-day facilities at reasonable price. These hotels are easily accessible from various parts of the state. These hotels also consist of contemporary dining, business and other facilities to take care of your needs.

For economical accommodation in Kerala, bank on the services of the budget hotels in Kerala. They are ideal for budget travelers and backpackers who do not want to shed huge sums of money. You can get almost all types of basic facilities and services in these hotels. Choose from some of the budget hotels such as Bolgatty Palace Hotel, Vembanadu Lake Resort, Hotel Samudra and others.

The Kerala hotels offer total solution of your lodging needs to make your trip more comfortable.